How to keep an office clean every day?
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Office cleaning tips

A tidy and clean office environment is important for a significant increase in productivity as well as for employee health and satisfaction. However, without always relying upon commercial cleaners there are some tips on how you can keep the office clean. They are:

Proper moping of floors and windows:

Floors need to be vacuumed and mopped with disinfectant daily. Mild chemicals can be used to clean the floor instead of harsh chemicals which might have the possibility of damaging the floor eventually. And in the case of large window space, it is necessary to mop the windows clean regularly as a small level of dust and dirt is easily reflected.

Mandatory sanitizer in workplaces-

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic workplaces, meeting rooms, refreshment areas, parking areas, etc need to be sanitized properly apart from cleaning them. And if you think there is a need for proper sanitization look for a Melbourne Commercial office cleaning Provider.

Keeping the public areas of office clean:

The lobby and entrance areas are usually overlooked as they are not put in use every day. So these areas need to clean regularly, which if not done will put a bad impression to the clients.

Keeping your office cubicle organized:

Having loads of paperwork piled up together may leave a bad impression to the client. So it can be organized by keeping them in a cupboard also leaving behind more workspace and making it looks tidier. Also desks, desktops, mouse, keyboard and other stationary stuffs should be dusted everyday so as to keep the workplace clean.

Adopt “NO EATING POLICY” within the cubicle:

Eating within the workplace should be avoided as it will bring unwanted smell and may attract flies causing several problems. A serious distraction, presents a unhygienic working environment.

And here are some few basic tips-

  • Keeping the trash out-

If the trashes are piled up and not emptied on a daily basis it will result in attracting bugs, flies, mosquitoes thereby resulting in repugnant smell. Therefore the employees need to keep their waste-paper basket clean by emptying it on a daily basis.

  • Keeping the electronic gadgets clean-

Electrical equipments tend to gather dust and hence the electrical gadgets should be cleaned with outmost care. Using an electronic disinfectant may stop the spread of germs from our hands to the devices.

  • Tidying up the refreshment area-

The refreshment area should be cleaned and disinfected regularly which if not done will attract pests and flies. The bins should be labeled clearly so that the wet and dry wastes can be segregated by dumping them in correctly labeled bins.

  • Using a refreshing tool-

Air fresheners can act as a refreshing tool however overdoing it may appear as irritating to some clients.  

  • Choosing a separate place for the equipments-

Cleaning tools need to be hung to dry thoroughly. So a separate place needs to be maintained for storing the equipments.

  • Adopting paperless policy and going Digital:

One of the most effective ways of reducing the mess caused by the paperwork is to go fully-digital with the files and documents.

  • Sterilizing the bathrooms-

With employees and visitors repeatedly using the bathrooms, you should make sure to clean and sterilize it on a daily basis as it will have a good impression on the visitors and save you from serious health issues as well. Remember, always use environmental friendly cleaning agents.

                Seems like a lot for maintaining a professional office but these cleaning tips should be standard office hygiene plus cleaning rules. But in-case of multi-shift work scheduled office environment it is advisable to hire a commercial contract cleaning service provider like (hygienepluscleaning) for a spotless hygiene office every time.