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Why hygiene plus cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning your food processing plant cutting corners can cost you more then just money. We keep our promises to keep your business on line,so is our reputation.Cleaning in the food industry is far too business-critical to be left to amateurs or under cut merchants.

We have been cleaning food processing units since 2007. it means we have gain wide experience and expertise through for more than a decade. we have many happy clients for a long term for more than 10 years. They never had any issue regarding the work.

With regular communication to assess their requirements and meet them up to standard, gives them more room to look into the other side of the business to take the business to the next level. We take our responsibly as if it’s our business not our clients. Our attitude toward the work, commitments, expertise and wide experience leads us to keep the long team relationship with our clients.

our staff is fully aware of HACCP standard. On top of it the staff is getting proper training before the get on board to keep the safe and secure work environment.

So, rather looking in google for the thousands of tagged cleaners without proper experience and expertise, talk to us before you make your decision and we will help you to be confident that you are making the right one. We promise once you our cleaning partners we promise you will not have any more head ach from cleaning we will hold your hands to develop your business forever.

How hygiene plus cleaning go extra mile.

When you ask us to scope your work it is two way process: you will check whether we are the right partners for you and we will check whether you are the right partners for us. We look for long term partnership where you trust on us to do the right thing and we go the extra mile to deliver.

For example, it is part of our standard operation procedure for all our clients that during our clean we look for and record any equipment failure and breakage issues. And let your maintenance staff know so they get fixed as soon as possible before the next shift starts. We know that your equipment could cost you the standing labour and miss manage the routine production lie for the time being! It’s not cleaning -but its looking after your interests.

Same as, if you have any maintenance that could affect your production next shift if we can fix it we will do it straight away. Like tab broken down or leaking. We will charge you only parts only not labour.